• Flat & Tube Laser Cutting

    Flat/Tube Laser Cutting

    Our laser cutting services are customized, state of the art with all attention on detail, and designed to meet your specific needs. Learn more »

  • 5-Axis Laser Cutter

    5-Axis Laser Cutting

    Our 2500-watt 5-axis laser cutter has a 6′ x 10′ table, and is capable of cutting parts up to 4-feet tall. Learn more »

  • Drafting and Design

    Drafting Software

    With our experienced team and the aid of our sophisticated computer programs, we are able to design, draw and program parts for your specific needs. Learn more »

  • Precision CNC Machining


    Our skilled machinists are experienced and committed to quality, using both CNC and conventional methods. Learn more »

  • Painting and Finishing

    Painting & Finishing

    We prep, prime and paint industrial enamels and urethanes to give your product the high-quality appearance it deserves. Learn more »

  • Waterjetting


    For tough cut materials like stainless steel, alloy steel and titanium that are reflective, conductive, heat resisting or heat sensitive, water jetting is a proven answer. Learn more »

  • Forming at Mississippi Laser in Milan, IL

    Press Brake & Forming

    Our facility is equipped with a 175-ton press brake, a 52″ wide roller with a 1/2″ thickness capacity and a 6” minimum diameter. Learn more »

  • Welder welding, metal fabrication

    Fabrication / Welding

    From one off parts to industrial fabrication, Mississippi Laser offers high quality fabrication solutions. Learn more »

  • CNC Tube Bending

    CNC Tube Bending

    Mississippi Laser also offers CNC Tube Bending, up to 190 degrees. Find out more about our tube bending capabilities.  Learn more »

  • Calderone Farms - Custom Sign

    Custom Signs

    See us for all your signage needs! We can fabricate signs out of any material, metal or plastic.   Learn more »